Media Coverage

Akron Beacon Journal

“Parents of Children with Down Syndrome Speak Out,” by Kim Hone-McMahan, October 9, 2011.  Full story

“Study of Down Syndrome Reveals Love for and by Those with the Condition,” by Kim Hone-McMahan, October 9, 2011.  Full story

American Medical News

“Down syndrome is the target of ambitious NIH research initiatives” by Susan Landers, February 25, 2008. Full story

Asbury Park Press

“The upside of Down syndrome” by Shannon Mullen, March 22, 2009.Full story

Associated Press

“Comfort or conflict:  Earlier Down syndrome test” by Malcolm Ritter, June 12, 2011  Full story.

“Could prenatal DNA testing open Pandora’s box?”  by Malcolm Ritter, June 12, 2011  Full story.

Bloomberg News

“IQ-Boosting Drugs Aim to Help Down Syndrome Kids Learn” by Robert Langreth, March 3, 2014.  Full story

Boston Business Journal

“Children’s doc slams GQ for ‘Down syndrome’ Quip,” by Galen Moore, July 19, 2011. Full story.

Boston Globe

“When joy triumphs our worst fears” by Beverly Beckham, January 25, 2019.  Full story.

“New study suggests prenatal genetic tests could be offered to all pregnant women” by Carolyn Johnson, February 26, 2014.  Full story

“In laboratory dish, researchers shut down extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome” by Carolyn Johnson, July 17, 2013.  Full story

“New prenatal genetic tests hold promise, worries” by Carolyn Johnson, March 23, 2013.  Full story

“Hey, GQ, mocking the disabled simply isn’t fashionable” by Beverly Beckham, July 31, 2011.  Full column.

“A Magazine with Style, but No Taste” by Joan Vennochi, July 21, 2011. Full column.

“Seen Through Loving Eyes” by Beverly Beckham, September 20, 2009.Full column

“Seeing Strengths, not limits, in Down syndrome” by Peter Schworm, May 28, 2006, City Weekly, page 11.Full story

Boston Herald

“MGH to Build Down Syndrome Portal” by LIndsay Kalter,  May 21, 2016. Full story

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“What ever happened to Brian Skotko, who has become an advocate for children with Down syndrome?” by Harlan Spector, June 8, 2009. Full story (half-way down page)

“Celebrating success stories: Sister with Down syndrome Inspires Strongsville native’s book” by Fran Henry, May 21, 2001. Full story

Columbus Dispatch

“Down Syndrome Testing.”  Three-part series by Rita Price, December 4, 2011.  Full story.

Eagle Tribune

“Out of the Darknesss: Bill would help parents cope with child’s Down syndrome diagnosis” by Terry Date, December 6, 2008.Full story

Harvard University Gazette

“Student’s Study Fosters Bipartisan Legislation,” March 17, 2005, Full story

“Survey: Down Syndrome Diagnoses Found Wanting,” March 3, 2005,Full story

Huffington Post

“As prenatal testing for Down syndrome increases, so do concerns about counseling,” by Katherine Bindley, August 20, 2013.Full story

“Counseling for Prenatal Testing,” August 20, 2013.  Video

Los Angeles Times

“A safer and earlier way to determine if a fetus has Down syndrome is being studied” by Amber Dance, February 3, 2011.  Full story

Melrose Free Press

“New Bill Aims to Educate Parents and Doctors on Down Syndrome and Other Conditions” by Daniel DeMaina. October 9, 2008.Full article

Miami Herald

“South Florida mothers mixed on Palin” by Jennifer Mooney Piedra, September 5, 2008.Full story

National Catholic Reporter

“Living with Down’s” by Alice Popovici, July 7, 2009.Full story

New York Post

“The End of Down Syndrome,” by Mayrav Saar, November 13, 2011.  Full story


“New Era, New Worry” by Mary Carmichael, December 6, 2008.Full story

Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY)

“Diagnosis: Down Syndrome” by Amy Neff Roth, July 27, 2009.Full story (Part I)
Full story (Part II)

Parents and Kids

“To Screen or Not To Screen: Prenatal Testing Still Controversial” by Wendy Bulawa, September 24, 2007.  Full story


“Pols Discuss Raising Special-Needs Kids” by Erika Lovely.  September 17, 2008. Full story

Science Magazine

“Can Down Syndrome Be Treated?” by Emily Underwood.  February 28, 2014.  Full story

The New York Times

“The Quandry Posed by the New Down Syndrome Test” by Andrew Pollack, October 17, 2011. Full story.

“A Less Risky Down Syndrome Test is Developed” by Andrew Pollack, October 17, 2011.  Full story.

“No Memory but He Filled in the Blanks” by Benedict Carey, December 6, 2010.Full story

“Prenatal Test Puts Down Syndrome in Hard Focus” by Amy Harmon, May 9, 2007, page A1.Full story with video

The Wall Street Journal

“Doctors Enlist Paintings to Hone Skills” by Amy Dockser Marcus.  December 31, 2014.  Full story

“People with Intellectual Disabilities Get Say in Drug Trials” by Amy Dockser Marcus.  March 10, 2014.  Full story

“Biden Faults Palin on Stem Cells” by Elizabeth Holmes. September 10, 2008. Full story

“Palin’s Pitch to Parents of Disabled Raises Some Doubts.”  September 8, 2008.  Full story.

“A Brother’s Survey Touches Nerve in Abortion Fight” by Amy Dockser Marcus, October 3, 2005, page A1.Full story

Time Magazine

“Will New Mass. Law Discourage Women from Aborting Fetuses with Down Syndrome?”  by Bonnie Rochman, June 28, 2012.  Full article

“Will New Advances in Prenatal Testing Shrink the Ranks of Babies with Down Syndrome?” by Bonnie Rochman, February 27, 2012.  Full article

“Are Kids with Down Syndrome on the Road to Extinction?” by Bonnie Rochman, November 29, 2011.  Full article

Toronto Star

“The MaterniT21 LTD test could make people with Down syndrome a rarity,” by Antonia Zerbisias, February 3, 2012.  Full story

US News & World Reports

“Most families cherish a child with Down syndrome, survey says” by Amy Norton, March 21, 2016.  Full story

“Down Syndrome Brings Joys, Not Regrets, for Many Families” by Amanda Gardner for HealthDay, September 30, 2011.  Full story.

USA Today

“With Down Syndrome Diagnoses Comes a Wrenching Choice” by Liz Szabo, May 1, 2013.  Full story

“Life with Down Syndrome is Full of Possibilities” by Liz Szabo, May 1, 2013.  Full story

“Will America Cull People with Down Syndrome?”  by Brian Skotko, November 14, 2011.  Full story

Washington Post

“What is ‘Style Down Syndrome’?” by Jennifer LaRue Huget, July 19, 2011.  Full story.

“Will Down Syndrome Disappear?” by Jennifer LaRue Huget, September 16, 2009.Full story

“New Safety, New Concerns in Tests for Down Syndrome” by Rob Stein, February 24, 2009.Full story

“A Leap of Love” by Michael Alison Chandler, November 9, 2008, page A1.Full story

“What is Down syndrome?” September 14, 2008.Full story

“Study: Negativity Often Tied to Down Syndrome Diagnoses” by Jonathan Finer, April 29, 2005, page A3.


“1 In Every 700 Babies Is Born With Down Syndrome In The U.S” with host David Martin Davies (“The Source,” Texas Public Radio), January 6, 2020, Full story with audio.

“What is Down Syndrome?” by Sanden Totten, October 24, 2017.  Full story with audio.

“People with Down syndrome living longer, but at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s” by Kristin Gourlay, January 26, 2017.  Full story with audio.

“Blood Tests Provide More Accurate Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome” by Rob Stein, February 26, 2014.  Full story with audio

“New Genetic Therapy Provides Breakthrough for Down Syndrome” with host John Hockenberry, July 19, 2013.  Full story with audio

“New Genetic Therapy Could Erase Down Syndrome,” July 17, 2013.  Full story with audio

“Living with Down Syndrome” with host Dave Miller (OPB), March 21, 2012.  Full story with audio

“Prenatal Genetic Testing” with host Lucy Nalpathanchil (WNPR), January 26, 2012.  Full story with audio

“New, Safer Test for Down Syndrome Sparks Ethical Concerns” by Rachel Rohr (WBUR), October 19, 2011.  Full story

“How much do you want to know–and should you know–about your unborn baby?” (WPCC) with Patt Morrison, June 22, 2011.  Full story with audio

“A New Down Syndrome Test Raises Ethical Issues” (WGBH) with Emily Rooney, February 16, 2011. Full story with video

“Down Syndrome Test Raises Questions for Future Moms” (WBUR) by Rachel Gotbaum and with Meghna Chakrabarti, January 31, 2011. Full story with audio

“Living with a Sibling with Down Syndrome” (WBUR) by Deb Becker, April 21, 2009.Full story with audio

“A San Diego Company Develops a Test for Down’s” (KPBS) by Tom Fudge, February 3, 2009.Full story with audio

Brian Lehrer Show. “Down syndrome.” September 9, 2008.Full story with audio

“Prenatal Down Syndrome Screening” by Ari Shapiro, May 29, 2008.Full story with audio

“Down Syndrome & Doctors.” (WBUR’s “On Point”) October 13, 2005.Full story with audio

Talk Radio Stations

WGN Radio 720 (Chicago).  “Major Breakthrough in Down Syndrome Treatment” with Bill Leff, August 12, 2013.Audio

KKSF Radio 910 (San Francisco).  “Down syndrome breakthroughs” with Gil Gross, August 12, 2013.  Audio

The Parent’s Journal with Bobbi Conner

“Guidance for Kids Who Have a Sibling with Down Syndrome,” July 8, 2009.


“Online health care platform offers medical expertise to patients with Down syndrome.” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Emily Riemer, August 11, 2020.  Video.

Clinical trial could give answers to potential link between Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s.” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Emily Riemer, August 6, 2018. Video.

New study examines medical cost of caring for a Down syndrome child” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Emily Riemer, February 7, 2017.  Video

“Genetic test solves 30-year mystery behind man’s disabilities” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Kelley Tuthill, August 12, 2015.  Video

“Man hoping cutting edge genetic technology can identify disability” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Kelley Tuthill, April 2, 2015. Video

“Why lower rates of breast cancer in women with Down syndrome?” (ABC Boston, WCVB) by Kelley Tuthill, November 5, 2014. Video

“Reframing a Down Syndrome Diagnosis, 1 Gift Basket at a Time,” by Genevieve Shaw Brown, (“Good Morning America”), November 5, 2014. Article

“Potential End to Down Syndrome Leaves Parents Torn” (ABC Boston, “Chronicle”) by Amy Masters, August 5, 2013. Video

“UMass Researchers Block Down Syndrome Chromosome” (ABC Boston), July 18, 2013.  Video

“Down Syndrome: One Family’s Decision”  (ABC Boston, “Chronicle”) by Amy Masters, June 27, 2012.  Part 1. Video

“Down Syndrome: Early, Easier Down Syndrome Test”  (ABC Boston, “Chronicle”) by Amy Masters,  June 27, 2012.  Part 2. Video

“Down Syndrome: Determination Trumps Down Syndrome”  (ABC Boston, “Chronicle”) by Amy Masters, June 27, 2012.  Part 3. Video

“Down Syndrome: Equal Treatment”  (ABC Boston, “Chronicle”) by Amy Masters,  June 27, 2012.  Part 4. Video

World News with Diane Sawyer.  “Safer Down Syndrome Test Hits Market Monday” by Richard Moise, October 18, 2011.  Video

World News with Diane Sawyer. “The R Word” by Bill Weir, February 3, 2010. Video

“Down Syndrome Births are Down in the U.S.” (ABCNews) by Susan Donaldson James, November 2, 2009. Full story

“Special Needs Kids and Their Siblings” (ABC News NOW) with Annie Pleschette Murphy, June 2, 2009. Video

“New Down Syndrome Test Hailed As Promising” (ABCNews) by Susan Donaldson James, September 5, 2008. Full story

Good Morning America.”Mothers: Doctors Too Negative When Diagnosing Down Syndrome.”  October 13, 2005. Full story Transcript

“Study: Down Syndrome Diagnosis Talk Should Change.” (ABC News, Boston)  January 3, 2005. Full story with video


“Vaccine being tested to prevent dementia in people wiht Donw syndrome”  (CBS Boston, WBZ4) by Dr. Mallika Marshall, August 9, 2018.  Video.

CBS This Morning.  “Early prenatal test raises ethical questions,” by Erica Hill, February 22, 2012 Video


“Una leccion para todos” by Carolina Escobar, June 21, 2009. Video

“Couples Faced with the News That Their Child May Have Down Syndrome” (CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta) by Ted Rowlands, November 1, 2008. Video Transcript

“Down syndrome decision” by Ted Rowlands, April 5, 2008. Video

CNS News

“Eugenic Abortion: With Prenatal Testing, 9 in 10 Down Syndrome Babies Aborted” by Penny Starr. October 13, 2008. Full story


“Doctors finding it easier to diagnose Down syndrome.”  Interview by Gene Lavanchy, January 15, 2013. Video

“GQ controversy:  Down Syndrome Comment.”  Interview by Gene Lavanchy, July 19, 2011.  Video

“Down Syndrome Research.” Interview by Gene Lavanchy, September 22, 2009.

“Down syndrome and siblings.” Interview by Gene Lavanchy, March 17, 2009.

“Palin’s Candidacy Reignites Feminist Debate” by Christina Corbin. September 9, 2008.

Life Matters TV

“Down syndrome pregnancies.”  September 20, 2007.  Video


“Down Syndrome’s Rewards Touted as New Test Looms” by Kimberly Hayes Taylor, September 29, 2011.  Full story.

“Inspiring portrait of Down syndrome at odds with perfect baby pursuit” by Arthur Caplan, September 29, 2011.  Full story.


“Meet Jamie Foxx’s Superstar Ssiter,” by Kate Snow, August 31, 2018.  Video.

“How Down Syndrome Might Help Unravel the Alzheimer’s Puzzle,” by Maria Shriver, September 6, 2013.  Video

“Could it be a cure?  Breakthrough prompts Down syndrome soul-searching,” by JoNel Aleccia, August 11, 2013.  Story

“Down syndrome” (WBIR Knoxville, TN) by John Becker, November 30, 2012.  Part I.  Video

“Down syndrome” (WBIR Knoxville, TN) by John Becker, November 30, 2012.  Part II.  Video


PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. “Down Syndrome.”  March 31, 2006. Full story with video